Wednesday, March 30, 2011

January 17, 2011

Sean's zone

Ok I only have like 5 mins, Sorry! My family is just amazing and everyone decided to write me! I loved them all thanks!

Well, sadly we thought we were going to baptize this week but we didnt.  I'm pretty sure this week we will though. We have some great people and other great references.  Working is different with Monjarraz, but its good! I need his greeny spirit sometimes.  Though its hard, because he seems to correct me a lot. Not much, but mainly on things I am already working on. I am trying to be humble and listen but sometimes I feel so dumb because I am Senior comp.  But it's good. I know that every companionship can be like that, so we can both learn.  So we are giong to move  forward and I'm going to get better! :)

I have been sick for almost a week. I am totally fine now but I must have eaten something bad! I don't know... but one day I couldn't work and the others I just was soooo tired.  It was tough, because all I wanted to do was think of being at home on the couch with a blanket and mom helping me out.!  haha it's ok. It just sucks because I wanted to work more!  But I am good now and....I dont have diarrhea anymore!! haha

Oh I forgot... now it's just me and Monjarraz in the house. The other 2 missionaries found a house in their area. It's a lot better now because we can actually focus more and be more obedient! Sometimes that is tougher with other "friends".  Even better, the house is a lot cleaner. We fixed some things up. It's pretty sweet and now we actually have beds! haha I  don't sleep on a freakin couch, so thats good news.

We are now going to work with the ward better.  The bishop has made some sweet cards for the ward. Basically they are the 3 lessons we teach and the members get 5 each so they can give them out to their friends and stuff.  It's got the church hours and our number on the back, so hopefully we get a lot more references. I'm stoked for that.

Well... I am so happy to hear from you all. Thanks mom for the updates and I will for sure pray for Sara. I know there are miracles!  We just need to put our faith in the Lord.  It's interesting because we decided to fast this last week and I fasted for some things in  the mission but I felt like I should fast for my family for health and success in your lives.  And now mom told me about that, I think i was inspired to do that. I wasn't really sure what was going on but i know i love all my family. I know the lord will listen and answer our prayers.  He loves us and we love him!  

I love you guys soooooo much. Thanks for the letters and for everything!! You're the best family ever! peace out! 

Elder $ean Larson

"Area" dog...he lives next door!

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