Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Januray 24, 2011

Dear Fam,
"Pokeman" Tower in Culuras

Monjarraz cleaning the apartment

Cleaning day...

If you think it looks bad should have seen it before!
Ok I am going to answer moms questions....
1. No changes! We are still here in Culturas and Monjarraz is still with me. We are really happy! :)  The only thing that changed for us is that we didn't get together today with all the missionaries like we usually do. Now we just go straight to the areas. But we didn't change so we just had a normal pday. :) we cleaned!  haha
2. I am feeling fine now.  I don't know what I had but I was just sick and out of energy... and pooped a lot! hahaha. (Sorry) But I am totally good now. I am sure it was food or something.  I really couldn't guess waht from... some times it just happens. But I am good and happy! :)
3. Work is good, but this week was super super slow. We had very little success so I guess in that sense, it was bad. But we are going to work harder this week because we need too! haha. Sometimes we work with inactive families. We do family home evenings with them or stuff like that. Really, the members need to work more with that too, because we are only here for such a little time.  It's better if the members make visits and stuff, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. We try to work with our mission leader with that as well.  The cards were given out to the members. but we havent seen anything happen with them. We are hoping that people will call us... (which is sooooo rare) or that the members tell us about people who are interested. But so far, we havent heard anything. But it just started, so we will just wait and see. We are also thinking of doing a ward mission activity and training some members to contact and stuff.  Others have done it so we will see.
4. I love this area! It's not pretty but I love it! It is  a whole bunch of people in such a small area.  I wish you guys could see the maps we have here...the area's are so small but with a bunch of people. It's good here and hard. This week we contacted a lot but we can never find them and almost all of our appointments fell through. But we are going to work harder! :)
5. My comp is great!  He defenitly has the greeny spirit and that really helps me out. Sometimes he pushes me  to contact more or helps me to teach better. At times I am a little prideful and don't like to listen to his advice but now i realize that he is trying to help me and  he is helping me... so things are good. I love working with him, he is funny too. We joke around a lot.  He may go to BYU after so I would love to hang with him and stuff after the mission. That would be cool!
6. Really, we dont walk all the time, but we do walk a lot. Like I said, this area is small but it has a lot of  stairs because we usually go to apartment buildings.  I have no clue how many miles we walk but yes we walk a lot haha.
7. The work is progressing....but pretty slow. So we are trying to find new ways to work to see if we can have better success. Who knows.?  We are praying and fasting for help... because we need it.
OK, that is it but thanks for the questions. I forget sometimes to answer your questions. If you number questions like that I will be better at answering them. Thanks for the letters too.  I love to hear the updates!
The other day I recieved some Christmas Cards from Aunt Sue, Aunt BJ and grandma Davis so that was really nice!! Thank you all soo much for that!  Thanks for thinking of me in the holiday season.  Plus I recieved a card from the stake presidency. Thanks Heights Stake... you guys rock! And I got 10 bucks haha. Thanks so much, but i am not going to be able to use it here!
I dont have a lot of time, but I want to tell you one thing. A blessing really from serving as a district leader. We have the opportunity to go to meetings with the mission president and man.... they are sooooo amazing and powerful.  I love my president. He sure is hard but I love him and you can tell that he really loves us.  I am so happy to have these meetings with him and feel the spirit!
I gotta go!  Sorry. I love you guys so much. I will continue to  pray for Steve, Melinda, Sara and the family.  I hope everything goes well. I know that the Lord is with them and with sara.  I love this church and I love the unity it brings to families. We really are so happy thanks to the gospel!  I love you all and miss you!  Almost one year! whoooo! haha
Elder $ean Larson


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