Wednesday, March 30, 2011

January 10, 2011

Sean, Evangelina, Dana, Christian and Manjarraz

Remember I said last week that we had 3 people who wanted to get baptized, well... it happened! A family of 3. Christian, Evangelina and the daughter Dana. I baptized the wife Evangelina and Monjarraz baptized the other 2. It was really cool. Their family is great and now almost all of the family are members. There is one family memeber left... a daughter and she just doesn't want to get baptized yet. I dont know why, but little by little I think she'll come around. I am so proud of Christian because he stopped smoking so he could get baptized and Eva (evangelina) stopped drinking coffee. It's really amazing when we have baptisms, but even more amazing when people change their lives so they can have these blessings. The mission... wow.. I was thinking (now that i am close to a year haha) what it will be like to not be in the mission. That just seems so weird to me, both good and bad. It's really weird. But it will be cool to be with all of you again!
We also had the big day here on the 6th of January....  3 Kings day.  It's basically  Christmas for kids. This is when little kids and only kids get gifts and all from the 3 Kings. They make lists  and some put their  list in a shoe. (I dont know why but then they asked me why we use stockings or socks)....and I said, " good point!" haha. It's pretty fun.  The kids are great! I love the Mexican kids and the family get togethers, Ohhh and they all eat a huge bread called "pan rasca" or something like that. It is really big and good.  Another tradition they do here is when they make this bread they put a little toy figure things in there that represent Jesus Christ as a baby. And when you take your slice of bread if you happen to have the toy, guess what?.... you get to buy these things called "tomales" for everyone on Feb. 2! haha Don't ask me why, but that's just one of the many different  traditions here in Mexico. Fun! 

I can't remember what else I wanted to talk about haha. Work is good here.  We are blessed to have another investigator and a baptismal date for this next Sunday.  Whoohoo!  I hope it goes well!  The rules  in order to baptize someone are that they need to go to church at least 2 times and this investigator went yesterday and plus  they saw the baptism! Whoo! That was really good.  A general authority promised us that if we can get 80% of  our investigators that go to a baptism service, that they will want get baptized. So we are working on that.   I am really grateful for all the blessings and fruits of hard work that we have had  in this area. The Lord knew that all of these changes would be hard for me but He has also  showed us the way so we could work hard and have sucess.  Our district is doing good but sometimes they struggle, so I go on splits once in a while and it's really interesting. OH! I went on splits with one elder in my first area in Loma Hermosa and we actually went to teach my first converts! Whoo! They are doing so good and now are preparing to enter the temple! whooooo! So I will be able to go with them if they get sealed while I am on my mission. Our President has given us permission to do that!. It's so cool!  I love this area. I love the work! It's hard but I love my mission! 
I love you all soooooooo  freakin much. I love the pics you sent and the letters. More, I love your support, prayers and testimonies. I am so glad i have the best family ever! i will see you all later! Bye!
 Elder He $ean
Evangelina, Dana and Christian
The whole family!

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