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January 3, 2011

Well... things are going great.  Yup we had a  baptism  again this week! I am super super happy!  Its kinda interesting because they are a family of 3 that live in Veracruz, but they are here visiting a family (who are members in this ward) for a few weeks. They really wanted to get baptized, so we taught them and invited them to get baptized. They were really prepared! Seriously, the 2 daughters are 8 and 10 yrs old but wow, they have an amazing testimony of Christ and the plan that God has for us. I can't really explain but these beautiful little girls  told us how they felt about Jesus and  and they said "I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and he died for us so that I could come back to my father in heaven and live with Him together".  We were both in awe! They are awesome.  But sadly, they will return to Veracruz and the problem is that there isn't a ward or a branch by them. The closest church is 3 hours away and they don't have the money to go there every week. We challenged them to be dedicated and to be faithful! To study every the scriptures every Sunday as a family and to be prayerful because the Lord knows their needs and what challenges they will have. I  want to get their email address so i can stay in contact with them after my mission.  and hopefully encourage them to continue on like that.  oh  i also got to confirm one of the girls!! This was my first time in the mission!   It was reeally cool and very special.  Then I remembered that Nick blessed Tess the same day so that was kinda cool!!! (I heard his blessing was very special and sweet!!! Nick is just like that!
Other great news!!!  There are 3 other family members here who are relatives of the family who just got baptized. They aren't members so we have been teaching and asking them to  commit to get baptized but they just wouldn't budge!!. haha Eventually it became a joking matter to talk about baptism with them. But after their relatives baptism, they came to church and after the services they told us that they had something to tell us. We asked" what"  and they said they wanted to get baptized next week! WHOOOO! I have to say, I am really seeing the blessings from our Heavenly Father. Before I felt like we were working hard yet we didn't have anyone ready to get baptized...then all this happened. I am soooo grateful to my Heavenly Father.  I know He knows what we are going through and he has helped us but we need to still work hard because anything can happen. Its so great. Things like that in the mission are way awesome!

 I loved the ugly sweaters. Wow this competition is getting more intense haha. I better buy one here or something... i think i have an idea... hahah.  I would have to say Chelsea's and Bre's sweater and  are way awesome haha. Yes, Mexico  knows Justin Beber!   "BABY BABY BABY OOOOOOH!" It's always playing here haha. That's the thing about Mexico is, that there are always songs that they repeat over and over and over again. It's annoying haha. but i loved it! thanks so much for the pics.

Holy cow!  I forgot to tell you! We got permission from the president to watch a Disney movie for new years! whooo. soo.... we watched...... TOY STORY 3. It was sooooo awesome! I loved it! Especially in Spanish It was cool because I understood what "Spanish buzz" said! I thought I might not like it as much because I haven't  really seen a full movie in Spanish but it was sweet and I understood it all, so that was cool. Then we broke a piñata and stuff so that was cool!
Christmas Nativity
                    Oh wanna know something else amazingly cool ?  I  got a package from Caitlin! whhoooo!  A christmas package. It came a little bit  late and it was an awesome surprise! It had some candy and a sweet nativity scene that i loved!! It had some pics too!!  Whoooo!   I'm pretty sure she wins out of all my friends because she is just awesome like that!  So if any of you see her tell her "Muchísimas Gracias Señorita!"  Just tell her thanks a million and that she wins as best freind in the mission!!!  It was funny too because she wrote a whole bunch of spanish catholic prayers and stuff on the outside.   It was so nice of her and so awesome!!  Way to go Caitlin!   

Well I gotta get going. I just realized that I am passed my time limit!  I love you all sooooooo freaking much! I was so happy to hear you all and I am so happy that the holidays treated you all very very well. i love you and thank you so much for your prayers, support  and letters!   I pray for continued success in this area! The church is true! Love you all!
e. $ean. larson 

Soccer field in Culturas
Hortencia, Estrella and Lucero bapatism
Our ward house!!
He reminded me of cute Monte
Elder Manjarraz in our area

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